Common Automobile Electrical Problems

by | Nov 6, 2015 | Automotive

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Discounting the car body and interior which rarely needs attention other than if the car is involved in an accident, there are two major areas of any car that are often the cause of needing auto repair in Tinley Park; mechanical and electrical.

There are numerous areas in the cars electrical system that can cause a malfunction, the primary sources of these problems lies with the battery or the alternator, both major components of the primary electrical system. These problems can be isolated into several categories.

As the battery is the source of power for the entire electrical system it should not come as any surprise that it can be the source of many problems. The usual problem one faces with a battery is when it dies; a dead battery is one that can no longer hold a charge. Although age is a prime reason behind battery failure, a faulty component also can cause the battery to fail. It can be as simple as walking off and leaving the headlights on for an extended period of time, you return to the car only to find that all the current has been drained from the battery. This will not be the death of a battery; this can be remedied by charging it or jump starting the car.

As well as the battery, another reason for auto repair in Tinley Park is problems associated with the alternator. The alternator is the device that charges the battery while the engine is running; in the event the alternator fails it does not take long for the battery to become drained and loose power. Although the alternator can and does fail, a mechanic will often find the problem is nothing more than a faulty belt drive.

It is easy for a wire in the electrical system to fray and fail, electrical problems can certainly be caused by this as well as a fuse that has blown. The entire electrical system of a car is all interconnected through the wiring harness, within this system there are numerous fuses which act as safeguards protecting sensitive vehicle electronics from a power surge. It is certainly more convenient and far less expensive to replace a fuse than it is to replace the expensive component it guards.

The spark plugs and the spark plug wires are important to the smooth running of the engine. If the plugs get dirty or the tips become burnt the engine will not perform to its maximum. The owner of the car can usually tell when he has to drop the car off for new plugs as the engine idles rough or stalls and the performance is less than satisfactory.

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