Common Applications for Each Grade of Carbon Steel in Seattle, WA

Carbon steel is a metal alloy composed of iron and carbon. It comes in various strengths, each of which has a different amount of carbon and is used for different purposes. Find out about some common applications for Carbon Steel Seattle WA business owners should keep in mind as they choose a metal distributor.

Common Applications for Low Carbon Steel

As the name implies, low carbon steel has a comparatively small amount of carbon compared to its iron content. It is used primarily for making fences. In this application, it is sometimes referred to as wrought iron. While it is commonly used for landscaping and hardscaping applications, low carbon steel is rarely used as a building material.

Common Applications for Medium Carbon Steel

Also referred to as mild carbon steel, this material is used in bridges and buildings. It is slightly more malleable than higher-carbon alternatives, making it more versatile. Medium carbon steel can also be found in automobile parts, flanges, refrigerators, and other appliances.

Common Applications for High Carbon Steel

High carbon steel is quite hard but it is also very brittle. It is used primarily to make wires and is much less common than mild carbon steel or wrought iron.

Common Applications for Ultra-High Carbon Steel

When they think of Carbon Steel Seattle WA consumers may not immediately think of cast iron. That’s just what ultra-high carbon steel is, though. Cast iron derives its common name from its use in creating industrial casts.

Cast iron has a low melting point compared to the other forms of carbon steel. Its primary uses in consumer goods include pots, pans, and bathtubs. The high carbon content of cast iron makes it very hard, but it also makes it brittle, so most cast-iron goods have to be quite thick.

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