Commercial Locksmith Service in Chicago

Commercial businesses require far stronger locks and more security than the average household. They can use the same company as residents, however, to get their locks installed, as long as the business fully understands the needs of commercial properties. Locksmith service in Chicago handles both commercial and residential lock systems of all magnitudes.

File Cabinet Lock Systems

Businesses typically have file cabinets to keep important paperwork and documents. These cabinets need to remain locked so no one can access the files without permission. An easily breakable lock won’t suffice, so calling in a professional to install a full lock system is the best bet for top security.

Restricted Keys

Many companies use restricted keys so only one locksmith can make a copy. It will have a note engraved on the key letting others know not to recopy the key for anyone. The main business owner will often have the only copy of this key, perhaps with one other available with another trusted higher up.

Exit Alarm Locks

When an intruder attempts to get inside the building or someone attempts to gain access to a restricted area inside the building, an exit alarm lock will ensure it can’t happen. The alarm will sound, and only a specific key can stop the sound from continuing. Authorities may be notified if this is set up through the system.

Electric Strikes

Alternative locking mechanisms need to be used for enhanced security within a business. They would never use a typical door lock, and deadbolt like a home would, as these are far too easy to bypass. An electric strike access control device is much more difficult to break into and will deter many criminals from making their way inside.

Panic Bars

Many commercial properties have panic bars on their exit doors that allow people to simply push the poor down and open the door easily. This allows people to escape quickly in the event it is necessary. This saves time over having to manually turn a door knob to get outside.

Get commercial locksmith service in Chicago when extra security is needed. Amazing Lock Service handles a variety of lock and security needs, from residential deadbolt lock installation to commercial property exit alarm locks. No matter the type needed, this locksmith business has it covered.

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