Commercial Air Conditioning

For most business establishments, air conditioning is standard. As the diversity of applications is large, so must be the diversity of available commercial HVAC systems. The predominate types of commercial air conditioning are single split systems, multi-split systems, and variable refrigerant systems. Although all air conditioning does the same thing, there are different applications. As such, the business owner needs to understand the various systems that are commercially available, as well as the complexity and cost of commercial HVAC maintenance.

The most affordable commercial air conditioning system is a single split unit. As they provide sufficient cooling and heating to individual rooms, these units are ideal for small commercial buildings. These systems are ideal for use in small offices, coffee shops, and small cafés and computer server rooms. Multiple units can be used in combination. The downside is the need for sufficient space to house one outdoor compressor for every indoor cooling coil, blower, and filter. Multi-split units work in the same way as a single split unit. The only difference is capacity. Depending on the model, it is possible to connect nine indoor units for every outdoor unit. Although multi-split systems have many advantages, they are more complex and are best serviced and maintained by companies like Calcasieu Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

Large spaces require large air conditioners to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. These larger systems are referred to as VRF, variable refrigerant flow, and VRV, variable refrigerant volume. These terms may appear confusing, but they both mean the same thing. Large, complex VRF and VRV units are supplied, installed, and maintained by a commercial air conditioning company in Lafayette. These systems are extremely efficient and reliable. When sized correctly, they can quickly meet the cooling needs of even the largest building. The design makes them ideal for large open spaces such as shopping malls or factories.

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