Coming Up With Fresh Ideas for Commercial Landscaping in Suffolk County

There’s no doubt that the grounds around the business could use some updating. What remains to be decided is what types of updates would work best. The best way to come up with fresh ideas is to talk with an expert who has plenty of experience with Commercial Landscaping in Suffolk County. Here are some suggestions that are likely to be presented as part of a potential plan.

Going with Artificial Grass

The lush ground cover will provide the basis for the Commercial Landscaping in Suffolk County. Up to now, the business owner has chosen to go with real grass. Consider going another route and talk with the professional about the benefits artificial grass brings to the table. There are many different shades of green and styles to choose from today. Even allowing for all the preparation work, the fact that the grass could last for as long as a couple of decades makes this approach cost effective.

Shrubbery That’s Low Maintenance

Another element to consider is adding shrubbery that requires little in the way of maintenance. The professional can recommend options that tend to be thick and tend to grow at a slower rate. That translates into less trimming that has to be done every week.

An Outdoor Break Area

One way to add something new is to add an outdoor break area to the landscaping. By including the right elements, the space can be kept clean easily. Employees have the chance to enjoy lunches and breaks in the fresh air when the weather is nice.

How About Trees?

Trees help to soften the look of areas like the employee parking lot and the sidewalks leading to the building. The contractor can help the client identify trees that will thrive in the soil and not require much in the way of maintenance. This approach makes it easier to maintain the landscape overall and devote more time to other essential projects.

There are plenty of other elements that could be included in the landscape design. Visit  today and arrange for a professional to drop by and take a look. Once the plans are finalized, work can begin on the updates immediately.

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