Coffee and Productivity–Installing a Coffee Service in Your Ottawa Office

Who doesn’t drink coffee? It seems like everyone is familiar with what coffee is, and it is no surprise, thanks to its aromatic goodness and great effect especially to those at the office. To date, studies have been conducted to prove that coffee is indeed beneficial for office workers. Do you think your office will need to install a coffee service in Ottawa now?

Check these facts out!

It Improves Productivity

A 2010 study conducted at MIT revealed that employees who take a coffee break together had improved productivity as compared to those who don’t drink coffee. During a coffee break, it showed that people talked about their job, share experiences, and relax with their peers.

After a coffee break, it seems like everyone is rejuvenated and in a better mood.

It Reduces Pain for Office Workers

When working at the office, you probably have to sit for hours, two hours straight at most. A study by the National Institute of Health revealed that employees who drink coffee rarely report any pain problems as compared to those who don’t drink coffee.

It Reduces Stress

People who drink coffee are happier when compared to those who don’t drink coffee. This is perhaps attributed to the fact that people who drink coffee spend a few minutes of their time talking to colleagues while drinking their coffee.

In addition, the strong aroma of coffee is also associated with the reduction of stress among office and desk workers.

Want to see how coffee can help your employees today? Provide your office with a coffee service in Ottawa and help your employees be more productive. For a coffee service provider, contact Insta Barista at

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