Clutter-Free Zone: How Cabinets and Countertops Work together to Make Better Kitchens in Tucson

The greatest villain of any kitchen remodel is almost always, invariably, the work of clutter. Clutter uglies the space. It distracts from the prettiness of a good kitchen and makes the space a chore to work around. In the wrong hands, clutter can ruin the kitchen space.

The problem almost always has a little bit to do with habits and a little bit to do with a lack of space. Fortunately, countertops and cabinets work together to really help minimize clutter. Follow some of the below remodeling tips for Kitchens in Tucson to make clutter a thing of the past.

Countertops with Roll Ins and Roll Outs

Looking to get more space? Try making space out of things and places that are generally inaccessible. For example, a table is a big and cumbersome addition to the kitchen. The table can actually be built to fold into the countertop. It can also slide in and out with ease.

At second level, clutter can’t be placed on the table because it needs to be folded into the countertop. It is a clutter-free flat space. For anyone who has dealt with this habit, this is like a dream come true.

A Cook Top Cover

A stove top is not a really good place to do anything but heat food in pots and pans. But, a cook top cover solves this dilemma. A cook top cover can coat the stove while it is not in use. With that, the stove top becomes a place to prepare meals, set up for later or, if absolutely needed, to place some items until they are put in the right place (temporarily, of course).

An Island

An island is a brilliant way to add more storage space in the kitchen. It has become a staple of contemporary kitchen design for this very reason. The great thing about an island is that it does not just host a new countertop space. If built correctly, it can easily accommodate cabinetry. It can really help add some extra space to the kitchen.

Visit Davis Kitchens for more information on remodeling a kitchen with little available space. Use all available square footage in the Kitchens in Tucson to make every piece count.