Cloud Computing Consulting Helps Businesses Benefit From the Internet’s Cutting Edge

The cloud is hot and it’s only getting hotter. Businesses which once felt that they had to keep up with expensive, cutting-edge internal IT and telephony products are now finding that they can make do with a bare minimum between their own walls. In place of these products, they are increasingly turning to an ever-expanding range of cloud-based service providers. The switch to the cloud, most find, not only results in lower expenses, it affords increased reliability, as well as flexibility that once would have been unheard of.

Cloud computing consulting experts first saw the potential in services of this sort when cloud-based storage solutions started becoming widespread. These allowed early business adopters to create secure, redundant data stores and backups with a minimum of fuss and cost, and to enjoy the protection that having physically separated storage centers provides. Such storage solutions have only become more common in the intervening years, and they remain important products for a growing variety of businesses.

Cloud-based offerings have only grown in scope since. Curt Burnside is the Chief Cloud Officer at Business Name, and he is a big proponent of hosted VoIP products as a way of satisfying business’s telephony needs. Once the exclusive domain of the most tech-savvy and aggressive competitors, these products have matured to the point that they are now attractive to even relatively conservative organizations. Advances in redundancy and other reliability-focused measures have made them as dependable as can be, and these products offer features, such as “Find Me, Follow Me” that businesses quickly become committed to retaining.

Cloud computing consulting by Curt Burnside can point out plenty of other interesting opportunities, too. Businesses with large and important web presences can benefit from the present-day ubiquity of virtual private servers and commodity-style CPU (and even GPU) work. Businesses which once forked over large monthly bills for physical servers that mostly sat unused find that their expenses have been slashed as they transition to on-demand computing and server resources instead. Those interested in such advances should call Curt Burnside for aFREE cloud analysis, with no obligation implied. In fact, the specialists at cloud computing consulting at Business Name do their work without imposing fees of any sort on their clients.

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