Cleaning up Sewer-Related Water Damage in San Diego

Cleanup from a clogged sewer pipe or Water Damage in San Diego is a very dirty job, and it should be handled by a licensed sewage cleanup company. However, there are certain steps homeowners can take to protect themselves until help arrives. Read on for a brief discussion of those steps.

Start Cleanup Right Away

Before Sewage Cleanup at QuickDry begins, homeowners should protect themselves by wearing rubber boots, masks and gloves. Once protective gear is on, the following can be done:

• Shovel solid materials into heavy plastic bags and dispose of them in a trash can or dumpster.

• Soak up liquids with rags or paper towels, and dispose of in sealed plastic bags.

• Use a shop vac for smaller areas and to soak up puddles.

• Tape plastic sheets to the floor in the work area to avoid bringing germs into other areas of the home.

• Put all items in the affected area outside so they can air out.

Time is the only thing that can get rid of offensive odors. Homeowners can help sewage cleanup professionals by using fans and dehumidifiers, and by opening windows to allow foul air to escape and fresh air to come in.

Septic Tank and Sewer Problems

If a septic tank is baked up, the homeowner needs a company that specializes in septic systems and Water Damage in San Diego. In most cases, the same company that services the tank can do the job, or a drain cleaner can be called. The cost to pump septic tanks is about $250, and repairs can cost up to $5000.

If a home is on the city’s sewer system, the homeowner should call the utility department to ensure that the issue isn’t citywide. If it is, however, the city will take care of the cleanup. If the problem is on private property and it’s before where the city’s lines start, a drain cleaning company can charge up to $300 for line clearing.

Calling in the Professionals

Sewage cleanup experts will do all the hard work. They remove and wipe up waste material, they deodorize and sanitize the area, and they restore flooring and carpet if applicable. These pros use equipment such as air scrubbers, fans and industrial dehumidifiers. Jobs can cost up to $10,000 depending on the size of the home and the level of damage. Homeowners should ask their insurer what is covered. Click here for more information.