Clean and Repair Your Central Air System For the Best Heating Franklin TN

With winter rapidly approaching many people are rushing to get their central heating units serviced. Routine servicing of your central air or forced air system is an excellent way to extend it’s service life, but it’s also a great way to improve it’s efficiency. For example, many central heating units collect dirt on the blower system that blocks the air flow. This part of the heating system can be difficult to access which is why it is rarely cleaned. These blowers are typically a circular fan, sometimes called a squirrel cage, with many vanes. These fans can usually be cleaned with a wire brush that can knock all the dirt off the vanes.

Other areas the furnace which may need servicing include the air exchange in most central air systems. When the heating and A/C is combined there is a coil inside the air exchange for the refrigerant to flow through. This coil can also pick up a lot of dirt and because the coil can sweat the excess moisture will cause that dirt to cake up. This dried in dirt is difficult to remove and sometimes soapy water will just make the situation worse. Thankfully, a Heating Franklin TN technician has the solution. They can take out that dirty coil and wash it in an acid bath to remove all the old debris. This service actually fixes two problems with central air systems. Along with the blocked air flow the cleaning will allow the technician to verify the refrigerant level in the A/C portion of the central air appliance.

One of the often overlooked aspects of forced air systems is the ventilation and ducts that run through the home. These pipes need to be checked periodically to ensure there are no air leaks so the heated and cooled air will flow to the rooms properly. In many cases these tasks are part of a service plan which you will find offered by the best heating and air conditioning experts such as Spring Hill Heating and Cooling. These plans are an excellent option whenever you have a new system installed, but they are also a great choice for any homeowner.