Classifications And Types Of Powder Coating

When it comes to finishing options, powder coatings currently rank high. By coating a metal substrate with a thin film, powder coating provides a layer of protection against corrosive elements as well as an attractive appearance. Falling into one of two categories: Thermoplastic and thermoset, powder coatings offer a variety of solutions to diverse chemical issues arising from the environmental. The solution to a specific problem also lies in the specific choice of one type over another.

Popular Types

Industries request powder coatings to improve the appearance of their products. They also ask for this method of finishing a component to enhance specific desirable qualities. In selecting powder coatings for their parts or products, industries can choose from several different types. Among the most popular ones are:

  • Epoxy Powder Coatings: This is the choice among such industrial concerns as Automotive, Defense, Medical, and Oil, and Gas. This popular powder coating demonstrates excellent performance in the following areas:
    ◦ chemical resistance
    ◦ corrosion protection
    ◦ wearability
  • Hybrid Powder Coatings: Depending upon the specific type, this coating provides:
    ◦ outdoor durability
    ◦ outstanding wear resistance
    ◦ exceptional chemical resistance

Those utilizing it most fall into the include automotive, plumbing and power transmission industries

  • Polyester Powder Coatings: These provide good corrosion protection. They are most frequently used by companies in the sectors of electronics plumbing and telecommunication.

In Georgia, industries request all three types, depending upon the usage. The environmentally and cost-effective aspect of such coatings is an attractive incentive to those who provide the finishing process and those who require it to meet certain component specifications.

Powder Coating

Powder coatings have been in use for several decades. Their categories and types offer companies an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective means of adding an attractive and highly functional layer to their components. By choosing the right powder coating, it is possible to satisfy consumer demands, meet the requirements of governmental agencies, and fulfill obligations to shareholders.

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