Choosing the right water bed

For people who suffer from back pains a water bed can be the ideal surface to provide just the right level of support. Making sure you get the right water bed can be a bit confusing as there is quite a variety of designs and models available on today’s market. The buyer should take into account the overall stability and design of the bed, the features desired as well as the initial cost and the ongoing maintenance. Once these issues are understood it becomes easier to choose the correct bed based on your needs.

First things first with water beds; what type will work best when it comes to design and personal preferences? Water beds are broken down into two rather broad categories, hard side and soft side waterbeds in Houston. A soft side water bed is one which rests on an elevated platform; there are no vertical sides to contain the mattress. A hard side water bed is a frame which has a padded liner; the mattress is cradled in the frame. Both the soft side and hard side beds may have room for storage either as an integral part of the frame or the mattress platform.

Price is a real issue with both hard and soft side waterbeds in Houston TX, cheap beds will not last as they are not sturdy. Both the mattress and the frame or platform must be made from materials which are strong enough to hold up for a good number of years. Cheap waterbeds usually use pressboard for the frame and platform and the mattress itself is thinner and uses a thinner gauge material. If at all possible, avoid these beds as they will begin to deteriorate very quickly compared to water beds that are manufactured using high quality hardwoods and heavy gauge materials.

Water beds have features that conventional beds don’t and they need to be considered. Heating and cooling is an absolute must, dual controls are favored. Some water bed mattresses are just a simple bladder while others consist of a series of water coils or baffles that stabilize the bed as the sleepers change position. The filling and draining of the mattress should be as simple as possible as this will make maintenance much more convenient.

Soft side waterbeds in Houston, TX are available at Right Fulton, Inc., hard side covers and mattresses are also available. The soft side beds are available in three thicknesses as well as twin, full, queen and king size. Click here to know more.