Choosing the Perfect Pediatrician in Starkville MS

Each Pediatrician in Starkville MS specializes in the health of children aged 0 to 18 years. From neonatology to monitoring the physiological and psychological development of children and adolescents, a pediatrician plays an essential role in the development of a child. The physician stays in contact with parents and should be available no matter the time or day.

What is the role of a pediatrician when it comes to a child’s health?

Experts define pediatrics as the branch of medicine devoted to the child and any associated diseases. Pediatric practice and experience take place in a specific triangular relationship between the child, his or her parents, and the doctor. A Pediatrician in Starkville MS maintains a trusting relationship with the parents immediately after the birth of their child.

Once the child is born, the pediatrician examines the newborn, weighs it, measures it, checks its reflexes, its limb mobility, and its flexibility. It is a comprehensive examination that ensures that the infant has gone through childbirth unscathed and that there is no suspicion of malformations.

Pediatricians and their role

During a consultation, just days after the birth of the child, the pediatrician will weigh and measure it, examine its skin, assess his or her hearing and sight, and check to ensure the baby’s heart and lungs are functioning properly. It is also an appointment where the parents and the doctor can talk about any concerns they may have: the pediatrician answers questions, while also advising and reassuring the parents. Until the child reaches the age of 6, regular consultations (including some mandatory) will allow the pediatrician to monitor the development and psychomotor development and to ensure that necessary vaccinations have been carried out in a timely manner.

Each appointment is an opportunity to expose any problems with the child, but also to oversee the important stages of its growth: food diversification, language learning, adapting to daily life, etc. Throughout childhood and adolescence, the pediatrician is involved with the child and its parents to prevent and treat infantile pathologies and to detect any physical or psychological disorders. Schedule an appointment online for more details.