Choosing the Best Type of Wood Flooring in NYC

The flooring of your home is one of the primary elements of the design and it is often the largest cost associated with home decor. Wood is an eco-friendly, attractive material to use as flooring and it is somewhat easy to maintain. If you are considering installing wood flooring in a new construction home or as part of a remodeling project, the are several factors to consider when selecting Wood Flooring in NYC.

Wood flooring in NYC is available in a variety of different types, styles and grades. One of the most common styles of wood flooring is parquet flooring, which is various pieces of wood that are arranged to create geometric designs. Plank wood floors are made with wide strips of wood, often resembling older woods. Strip wood floors are made with thinner pieces of wood in various lengths.

Wood floors are also available in different types such as engineered wood, pre-finished wood, solid wood and unfinished wood. There are also several ways to install wood floors, but the most common is known as floating floors, which means there is a material that resembles the black roofing sheets used under shingles. The floating floor is then installed on top of the tar paper and interlocked together to create the design of your choice.

The type of wood flooring styles chosen depends on the decor of the room. For example, if your home is decorated in a rustic style, the best type of wood floors would are made with large, recycled planks for a country, rustic look. A contemporary style would look best with thinner strips that have a clear finish or bleached white. Wood floors can be stained in any finish of your choice or they can be left in the natural color and protected with a clear polyurethane coating.

Installing wood floors requires patience and experience. You can install the flooring yourself, but it is recommended that you hire a professional floor contractor. A professional is experienced in creating a variety of designs, cutting the wood to perfection and applying the appropriate protective coating. A professional contractor can also recommend the best type of wood floors for your particular needs.