Choosing The Best Prescription Eyewear

There are two primary components of a pair of glasses; the lens and the frames, both of which must be considered when choosing prescription eyewear in St Paul MN. The lenses of course are the most important as they are what corrects your vision problem, the eye doctor is responsible for writing the correct prescription. Prescription lenses can be treated with coatings to reduce glare, they can also darken in sunlight and then return to normal indoors. There is a huge variety of frames available in metal, plastic and rimless that blends nicely with the face.

The eye doctor will determine exactly what prescription is needed. In many cases the doctor may prescribe progressive lenses; these act very much like bifocals but do not have the very distinctive line. For those wearers of prescription eyewear in St Paul MN that spend a great deal of their time outdoors it may be wise to choose lenses that darken in sunlight; these lenses eliminate the necessity of switching from regular glasses to sunglasses. Anti-glare coating is available and they are especially good while driving at night, fighting off the glare from the headlights of oncoming vehicles.

Now that the lenses are out of the way it becomes time to select the frames. It is the frames that have the most impact on the wearer’s looks. Frames which are devoid of a rim tend to be quite light in weight and are far less noticeable than plastic or metal frames. Going just the opposite direction, thick frames can also be very attractive. These frames are available in a wide variety of colors although tortoise shell, black and brown have always been the traditional favorite and still are. Plastic frame glasses often have distinctive designs or logos on the temples.

Many people have at least two pair of eyeglasses, this comes in handy if one pair should be broken or lost as it can take a few days for replacements, especially if the prescription is complicated. Other people buy multiple pairs as a fashion statement. Women especially will match their eyewear in St Paul MN with their jewelry; gold frames for gold jewelry, etc.

The choice of design is up to the individual but whatever style is chosen should complement the face shape of the wearer. Frames that are opposite to the shape of the face are considered the best choice; if the face shape is oval then square shaped frames can look very nice. Although the lenses are fixed there are hundreds of frame choices, just keep trying them on until you find a pair that you are happy with.

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