Choosing the Best Pallet in San Antonio

Virtually all the products being sold in the industrial and consumer markets has spent some time on a pallet. The best pallet in San Antonio is that which allows the forklift easy access to the goods and speeds up the unloading and loading of goods. Pallets are made of different materials. Wood pallets (which includes wood byproducts) remains a popular choice. They account for approximately 95% of pallet usage worldwide, while metalĀ and plastic pallets make up the remaining 5%.

What are the factors that must be considered when choosing the right material for pallets? The answer to that depends on a variety of factors that include, but not limited to, the business’s priorities for value, cost, sanitation, durability, and strength.

Wood Pallets

For many shipping applications where sanitation is not a major concern, wood pallets offer a low-cost option and high strength that is suitable for the shipping needs of most products and companies. They are universally available, relatively inexpensive, and also sustainable. From a viewpoint of price and strength alone, the wood pallets are the best option.

There are also other unique advantages wood pallets offer. Since wood pallets are made from lumber which is cut to size; it is easy to build custom pallets within a short period of time. Also, varying strengths of wood pallets can also be obtained through the simple decision of the type of wood used in their production.

Metal Pallets

For certain criteria, such as long-term durability and shipping requirements exceeding 4,000 pounds, it’s best to make use of metal pallets. Also, pallets that need to be stored outside would need be made from metal since it can tolerate the natural elements, such UV rays, and rain. Since metal pallets do not burn, they can be used in environments that have very flammable materials.

Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets are best used in operations where sanitation and durability are the major priority. Due to the moisture-laden, bug-carrying, and splintering nature of wood, it is no wonder that pharmaceutical and food processing industries have opted for plastic pallets.

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