Choosing The Best Frames At Eyeglass Stores In Chelsea, NY

An attractive pair of eyeglasses can be a great fashion statement. Even contact lens wearers often keep a pair of glasses or two just to vary their look. It’s easy to find a wide array of styles in Eyeglass Stores in Chelsea NY, but how can customers figure out the best frames for their faces? According to opticians, the following are the most important things to consider.


The material a pair of frames is made of determines the weight of the frames and, for many people, that affects their comfort. Plastic and nylon-based frames tend to be lightweight, and they are easily found in a variety of colors and tones. However, they are somewhat easier to break than metal frames, which are generally more durable. Titanium is one of the lightest and most durable metals for glasses frames. Shoppers should bear in mind that metal frames are often alloyed with nickel, which can be a problem for wearers with a nickel allergy.

Size And Shape

The size and shape of a pair of frames should harmonize with the wearer’s face and hairstyle. For example, people with round faces usually look best in glasses with large frames, while people with long oval or rectangular faces should opt for smaller frames. Stylists also recommend pairing a boxy pair of frames with a bobbed hairstyle. Many opticians today employ stylists to assist customers in finding the right frames for their faces.


The Color is a fashion choice. Although plastic frames are usually available in a wider variety of colors, it is also possible to find painted metal frames. Neutral colors like gold and silver are very versatile and can be worn with any outfit. Black and tortoise-shell frames are always good for business and formal occasions. Brightly colored frames are often a better choice for sunglasses or sports glasses because they may not complement many everyday outfits.

Although designer frames are more expensive than other brands, the high cost is usually paired with a higher quality of materials and style. If you’re looking for the top brands in Eyeglass Stores in Chelsea NY, check out

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