Choosing The Best Dentures In Stamford

Many people automatically assume when they hear they need dentures that they will only have one option. However, there are actually several options to consider for dentures in Stamford. Your dentist will discuss the options that you that will work with your specific dental needs to create a comfortable, beautiful way to replace your missing teeth.

Dentures are most commonly made of porcelain and are carefully color matched to your existing teeth. This gives a very natural and authentic appearance to the dentures that is sure to give you a boost in self-confidence.

Full Dentures

Full dentures, sometimes known as complete dentures in Stamford, these are the traditional dentures that most people think of when they hear the term. Full or complete dentures can be designed for the upper or lower jaw or both.

Traditionally full dentures were designed to be removed at night and cleaned However, new technology allows four small titanium posts to be implanted into each jaw that allows the dentures to snap or be permanently fixed into place. These provide more security when chewing or talking and, with the permanently placed option, they are just like your real teeth. You will come into the dentist twice a year or as needed and they will be removed and thoroughly cleaned.

Partial Dentures

The best option if you still have some teeth on the upper or lower gums is to consider partial dentures in Stamford. These will be custom fitted to fill in the missing teeth while also helping to hold your existing teeth in the correct position.

Partial dentures can have a base like a traditional appliance and can be removed or they can be fixed into place. Typically a fixed option is called a bridge that actually uses the surrounding teeth to lock it into position. Crowns are placed on the adjoining teeth on either side to cement the porcelain bridge in place. This is a great option for one or two missing teeth.

Choosing the right type of dentures in Stamford to meet your needs is not just a personal choice. Your dentist will also have to evaluate the condition of your surrounding teeth, gums and any other issues with the jawbone itself that may prevent implants or create possible issues with bridges or partial dentures.

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