Choosing New Eye Glasses in Colorado Springs, CO

If you find yourself in need of a new pair of eye glasses in Colorado Springs CO, you may be wondering what’s in style this year. Styles do tend to change quite frequently, and many don’t want to purchase a new pair of Eye Glasses only to find they got last year’s design. Here are the latest trends in Eye Glasses in Colorado Springs CO, to ensure you get only the latest when buying.

Many designers are turning to the ocean to obtain inspiration for their eye glass frames. With many turquoise, teal, and vibrant blue frames to select from, every shopper is sure to find one they will love. Kaenon, Vera Wang, Icon Eyewear, and Michael Stars are all offering frames of this type, along with Prodesign and Scott Harris, two design firms combining the ocean inspired frames with floating lenses, using minimalism and partially clear frames. Vera Wang, along with Corrine McCormack and Superdry, are choosing textured, cloudy sea glass frames.

Other designers are looking to the garden for their inspiration, including Mui Mui and Valentino. Both are offering frames in vibrant pinks and earthy greens while Dolce, Gabbana and Lafont opted for floral prints. Saturated, mirrored lenses are available through Robert Graham and House of Holland, and butterfly shaped frames are being offered through Lafont and Frost. These are just a few of the many options one will find in this year’s eye glasses, with others being sparkles, studs, and floral embellishments.

The Instagram look takes us back to the 1970s, and makes use of frames featuring tinted lens, tortoise prints, and understated wooden frames. Look to SPY and Ferragamo, both using rosy tinted lenses in their eye glass styles, while Lavin and Maui Jim are providing gold tinted lenses for a sepia effect. Judith Lieber and Icon Eyewear decided to go a whole different route, providing soft, bubbly shapes for consumers who prefer this style of glasses.

These are three trends consumers are seeing when it comes to eye glasses. There are others, such as glasses inspired by mathematicians and featuring neutral colors and angular cuts. Be sure to try a wide variety of frames before purchasing to ensure you find a pair you love and will want to wear every day.
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