Choosing Hot Water Tanks in Saskatoon SK

Hot water tanks are the primary option used to heat water in many residences. A good electric hot water tank can last over 10 years, with a gas one often lasting over eight years. Hot water tanks vary in durability and size. They come in a variety of options to work with different styles and sizes of homes. A good plumber can help you choose the best hot water tanks in Saskatoon SK.

Connections and Installation

Most homes come with a pre-determined connection for the hot water tank. This is not something that is easily changed without making significant changes to the structure of the house. The connection lets you know if you need to purchase a gas or electric water heater. Preparation for water heater installation involves the intervention of a plumber because they must drain the old one before it can be removed. Older homes may have the tank located in the upstairs attic, which can make the installation more complicated. Your plumber usually lights the tank if you have gas. A city inspection, however, is required to make sure the connections are safe. Your plumber can help you set up the inspection time with the appropriate authorities. Gas companies take connections very seriously. A poorly placed, or improperly connected water tank can be a fire hazard.


The size of tank necessary for your home depends on several factors. Your designated space is going to be the first determining factor. If you have some room to spare in the installation area, you can think about moving up to a larger size. Large families often find that the hot water runs out during high use times. Showers, laundry, and dishwashing often cause the water to run cold. Larger homes may also have several bathrooms that have water going at the same time during morning and evening routines. A larger tank can contribute to higher bills, so think before you purchase.

A good hot water tank can offer years of service when installed correctly. Take into consideration the size of your tank are and family when preparing to purchase a new one. Proper preparation is sure to set you up for a perfect fit. Visit Perfection Plumbing for more information.