Choosing Granite Countertops in Tucson

If you are looking for beautiful, durable Countertops in Tucson, you need to check out what is available in granite. Whether you are remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, a granite countertop can become the centerpiece that makes the room something special.

Granite is a natural material. It is cut out of the earth in slabs and then sliced thin to be used as a countertop. Every piece is different. There will be variations in color and pattern in every piece. Of course, this adds to its beauty.

Since granite is porous, you will need to seal it to prevent bacteria from getting into the pores. This could lead to contamination of any food placed on or near the countertop. However, sealing the piece is quite simple. It adds to the luster of the stone as well. You should reapply the sealant every couple of years. Once sealed, granite becomes almost completely stainproof. Any spills can be easily wiped away.

Granite Countertops in Tucson can be of a variety of colors. While the color may change across the counter, the main, underlying color will remain. The color is determined by the minerals and gases located in the area the piece was mined. In addition, if you want a special color, the stone may be dyed. However, the dye will not penetrate deep into the stone, so as it wears away the original color will come through unless you continue to dye it when applying new sealant.

The maintenance and cleaning of granite countertops is quite simple. Other than when a new coat of sealant is required, there is no maintenance. To clean it, a gentle cleanser with water will do the trick. In most cases, warm water alone will clean up anything that has spilled on it.

granite countertops are tough and long-lasting. You will not have to worry about scratching it up if you cut on it, and hot pans will not burn it. Once you have the new countertop, you will not have to replace it for 20 years or more. If you decide to remodel, and need a new color, you can sell the one you have now because it will still be in great condition.

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