Choosing Between Exterior Slab and Prehung Doors Philadelphia, PA

Your exterior entry doors are vital components of your home’s security measures. These structures serve to prevent unauthorized entry into a home. Exterior entry doors also help insulate a home and can reduce or increase the aesthetic value of a home. Because exterior Doors Philadelphia PA, are so important, it’s necessary to choose the right kinds to install in your home. Use the following guidelines to choose between slab and prehung exterior doors.

A prehung door is a door already installed in the frame it hangs from. It consists of the hinges, door slab, and the door frame. This independent unit can technically open and close without being installed in a home. Prehung doors often have mortises that can receive different types of locking mechanisms. Because these structures are manufactured using precise equipment, there is minimal room between the door jamb and the outer edge of the door. This is beneficial to prevent theft and home invasions. When you are not sure of your woodworking and carpentry skills, it’s preferable to install this self-contained unit. It’s also helpful to use a prehung door when the door frame is damaged beyond repair or there is not a door frame.

A slab door is a long, rectangular piece of material such as wood or steel. The slab is not attached to a door frame and does not have door hardware. It’s light and easy for one person to handle. A slab door is often cheaper and can be fashioned to meet your needs and wishes. If you are proficient at woodworking, you may want to install this type of door.

Before you purchase one or more exterior Doors Philadelphia PA, look at the exterior of your home. Which type of door seems to work best? You will have to consider the aesthetic value of your home to get a door that blends in with the architecture of your home.

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