Choosing between Air Conditioning Replacement and Air Conditioning Repair in Suffolk County

A home-based climate control system is a major appliance and a major investment. This machine controls the air quality in a home by controlling air properties and filtering out unwanted substances. To keep the environment in a home pleasant and healthful, it’s necessary for an AC system to function at optimal levels. However, over time, some systems break down and eventually cease to work at all. Choosing between air conditioner replacement and Suffolk County Air Conditioning Repair can mean the difference between breathable air and having air that is stuffy and filled with allergens, dust, and debris.

Most air conditioners are not meant to last more than 12 to 15 years based upon their design. When yours is defective, you will have to consider the benefits and drawbacks of replacement and repair. Having to fix your AC system more than once or twice a year can waste your time, effort, and money. Trying to replace individual parts can actually cost more than buying a whole new system. Also, replacement parts often require other parts to be purchased for them to work right. Balancing these two options will enable you to figure out which course of action is best for you.

Some people “repair” their systems with “patch jobs”. To begin with, these “patch jobs” are not repairs at all since they don’t fix the basic problem. Also, not fixing the original problem can cause further damage to an AC system. If you find yourself performing these pseudo repairs, add up the costs to see if it warrants a replacement. Also, replacing your AC system means getting a warranty that will cover parts and labor to an extent. Do some calculations based on your repair expenses in the past year. Add in labor, replacement parts, and time away from work spent waiting for an AC repairman. Compare this to the cost of a new system.

When choosing between a replacement and a repair, home owners err on the side of caution and opt for a replacement when their systems are aging. For more information on this, watch Youtube Videos comparing the two options.

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