Choosing Assisted Living for Senior Care in Davenport, IA

Searching and investigating the right Senior Care in Davenport, IA can be a stressful and confusing time for many families with elderly parents or grandparents. They may not know how to even approach their loved ones to express their concern that their parent or grandparent may need elderly care for day to day living. Part of the stress involved in the process is the big change for the individual in having to leave their home. They may have never downsized any any point, and may have much too big of a home to care for. They may be worried about how to pare down their belongings.

Families might start by simply calling a retirement community that they’re interested in and simply stating that they’re unsure of how to start this process or even where to begin looking for the right Senior Care in Davenport IA. The staff at a retirement community has been through this before, and they’ll lead you through it. You shouldn’t feel pressured at any time to make a commitment to sign anything. More than likely, they’ll ask if you’d like to come over and just take a look at what they have to offer.

You may feel much better about the idea of approaching the subject of assisted living with your parents or grandparents once you’ve already visited in advance and seen what local facilities have to offer. Apartments include appliances like refrigerators and microwaves in each apartment. All utilities, including basic cable, are included in the rent. These apartments are often designed to make good use of space, so they won’t sacrifice on features that make it feel more like a home, such as a coat closet and a linen closet.

Ask about meal options. Some retirement communities offer restaurant dining rooms right there, and some even provide free noon meals. If your parent or grandparent needs assisted living rather than independent living, the staff can explain how they provide medication reminders and assistance with bathing, dressing, preparing meals, housekeeping, and laundry. You’ll think of new questions as you go along in your research and as you compare each facility, and that’s okay.