Choosing an Automatic Deer Feeder

Feeding deer prior to the beginning of hunting season is a great way to attract deer to your favorite place to hunt. Many people also like to feed deer near their yard, simply to increase their numbers for wildlife viewing. If you’re interested in either of these things, you’ve no doubt discovered that manually putting out deer food can be time-consuming.

The easiest way to pursue your interest of attracting deer is to use an automatic deer feeder. These feeders hold up to 1000 pounds of food, and work on a timer, allowing you to fill the feeder and then forget it for weeks.

The timer helps reduce the cost of feeding the deer by only releasing food at prescribed times, perhaps once per day when deer are feeding. These types of automatic deer feeders broadcast the food out away from the feeder, helping to attract deer to the area.

Trough style feeders can work for feeding deer, as well. These feeders can also have timers, which open the trough to make the food available at prescribed times. These feeders work well when deer are established at feeding in your area but are not as beneficial for attracting new deer.

Talk with your dealer about the right size and style of feeder for your application. Automatic deer feeders are made from rustproof metal, so they won’t rust when out in the weather. These are heavy duty, so you can expect them to last for years.

Once you’ve had an automatic deer feeder in place for a short time, you’re certain to be attracting numerous deer to your feeding area. Whether you’re a hunter or just want to watch wildlife, you’ll be pleased with how these feeders can bring the deer right to you.