Choosing a suitable civil engineering contractor

When deciding to undertake any civil engineering work we first need to choose the most suitable contractor. We want the work carried out in a professional and efficient manner and for this to be possible we need to choose a contractor that most closely matches our requirements. There are many companies dealing with civil engineering in Oxford so it is a good idea to contact as many as possible for discussions and quotations before deciding upon which one to use. First we must make a plan of exactly what work we want done. After that it is possible to enter into discussions with the companies dealing with civil engineering in Oxford. A good civil engineering company should have a few important qualities in order to win the contract to carry out the work.


If the company is a reputable one it should be able to provide suitable references from previously satisfied customers. They will be able to show good reviews and feedback from customers that they have completed work for in the past. There are also many websites that have reviews from customers that post their feedback online so that future customers can see if the company carried out the work in an efficient and professional manner.


All of the contractors that carry put the work need to be suitably qualified so that the work is carried out to a high standard. This means that all members of staff should be suitably trained in all aspects of the work to be carried out. Lots of the work will involve moving machinery and hazardous work practices so it is beneficial for all concerned that the staff be trained and qualified to a suitable standard. Any downtime due to accident or injury will impact on the completion date of the project.

Professionally accredited

Much of the work to be carried out will require the relevant permits and paperwork in order for it to be completed. Companies should be able to provide evidence that they are able to obtain these permits and have done so in the past. They should be able to show certification to you when requested and it should be displayed on site at the project.

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