Choosing A Stainless Steel Hoist For Specialized Operations

Hoists are used in a wide number of applications to lift and move loads of all sizes. Surprisingly lightweight yet durable, they offer several different options from one to three phase electric hoists to the basic manual lever hoists that are a standard piece of equipment in almost every shop and production area.

In demanding environments, a stainless steel hoist is an important consideration. These hoists are typically used in food and beverage production, pharmaceutical companies and even in clean rooms.

Corrosion Resistance

The obvious advantage to using a stainless steel hoist in these environments is the corrosion resistance of the hoist body, components and chain. These hoists can be exposed to liquids, chemicals and full wash down without any damage to the hoist.

Additionally, this type of food grade equipment is designed to have sealed cases that prevent any risk of contaminants being harbored in the actual hoist itself. This is not the same design as a standard hoist and it is essential to ensure that the hoist is rated to be used in the production of pharmaceuticals, foods and beverages.

Special Lubricant

In addition to the use of the stainless steel case, chain and components, these hoists are also designed to use a specialized oil on the chain that is also food grade. The use of these food grade lubricants prevents any contaminants, such as traditional chain oil, from potentially contaminating the production of the food, beverage or pharmaceuticals.

There are even some of these hoists that are designed to be air powered and use no oil at all in the motor. These systems will have a fully sealed gearbox and motor and offer full filtering and piping of the minimal amount of exhausted produced with their operation.


The vast majority of stainless steel hoist designs will use an electrical control system that is intuitive and easy to master. With just the push of the control button the operator can easily raise and lower the load and even move the load along the trolley to the desired position.

These controls, as with the rest of the system, are in a sealed case that is approved for use in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and clean room applications. These systems come in a variety of different styles, capacities and options and they also provide the option to upgrade from the basics to offer even more features depending on the use requirements.

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