Choosing A Hydraulic Rock Drill For A Start-Up Company

Making the decision to go from working for someone else as an equipment operator to owning your own excavation, drilling or construction company is a big step. Buying equipment, including a hydraulic rock drill, is going to be an important consideration.

Before making any type of purchase of a hydraulic rock drill, it is essential to take stock of the equipment you already own. By matching the drill to your equipment and avoiding issues with compatibility, you can lower any associated costs of the purchase.

Excavator or Skid Steer Attachment

It will be essential to know if you want to choose a hydraulic rock drill for an excavator, a skid steer or if you are looking for a wagon mount design. These are three separate types of designs, and choosing the one that is most versatile based on the type of jobs you anticipate in the near future will be important.

With most drills that attach to a skid steer, compatibility is not as much of an issue. These systems are usually standard, and there is little in the way of modifications that may be needed for attachment.

On the other hand, excavators may require more customization for the hydraulic rock drill attachment. Some companies will fully customize the attachment based on your existing equipment, which is a great feature to consider and one that will ensure the attachment can be used as soon as you have it in the yard.


With any type of heavy equipment and attachment, there will be a price range that you can consider. Some of the new equipment from a lower quality manufacturer may be priced less than used drills from a top name manufacturer in the business.

In between these two extremes are the customized hydraulic rock drill designers and manufacturers. These are an excellent option for a small start-up company as they too are growing businesses, and they often have highly experienced experts in the field of drilling and excavation working to provide not only top products but also top customer service and support.

As a small company or a startup business, buying a quality hydraulic rock drill to add to your equipment line is critical. You want an attachment that can do the job, have very low downtime and be easy to maintain and troubleshoot to allow you to get the jobs done on time and on budget for your growing customer base.

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