Choosing A Company For Custom Magnetics

There are many different industries requiring a range of different components from transformers and inductors to air coils, mode chokes, solenoids and many other types of magnetics.

For many of these applications, standard types of magnetics may be the perfect match. These off the shelf types of solutions are readily available, but they are not the right component for every application. For prototype development through to production, specialized companies can provide custom magnetics to meet specific needs.

Selecting the right company to produce your custom magnetics regardless of the volume of the volume of components required will be important. Making the right choice will provide you with a partner to design, develop and manufacture the components to your specifications.

Company Experience

For any type of custom work, particularly when it comes to the design and customization of magnetics components, experience is going to be important. The company should have engineers on the team with expertise not only in general magnetics design and testing but also in working with the components needed for your specific industry and project.

Services Offered

Perhaps the biggest difference found in companies offering custom magnetics is the services they offer and the range of components they are able to produce. Look for companies that can complete the full design, production and testing of the magnetics in-house.

Some companies may only do some of the work in-house and subcontract other elements of the project to other businesses. This creates a greater risk of inconsistency in quality control and the potential for greater delays in production or in tracing back any problems that may be detected in the component.

Additionally, ask about turnaround time as well as pricing. Both of these factors will be important, but in most circumstances quality and expertise will be the deciding considerations.

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