Choosing A Company For Custom Circuit Board Design

In most devices today, circuit boards will be printed, which offers a lower cost, faster option for designing as well as manufacturing boards for prototypes as well as high volume orders.

There are several important considerations when choosing a company for custom circuit board design. As this is a critical component of the device or system, choosing the best possible provided for all printed circuit boards is a must.

Technologies Provided

There are many different technologies or options that can be considered with custom circuit board design. These can include surface mount technology, pin through hole, high pin count press-fit, and fine pitch devices among others.

When the provider offers a wide range of possible technologies, there is more flexibility in the printed circuit boards they are able to design and to manufacture.

These technologies also include the actual manufacturing process. Different types of processes will result in faster manufacturing per unit, helping to decrease the overall costs as well as increase the durability of the components of and on the board.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Always take the time to think beyond just custom circuit board design to the ability of the company to move from the design aspect of the project into production. This can include small volume production that will scale up either slowly or more quickly to larger volume production needs.

Look for companies that offer the capacity to complete your maximum projected orders. This is helpful in having one company throughout design and production rather than having to work with multiple providers.

Within the manufacturing considerations, verify the company uses a quality control system throughout their manufacturing processes. This will ensure the that printed circuit boards are printed to exacting specifications and that any types of manufacturing flaws are immediately detected and corrected during production.