Choose Family Dentistry in North Kingstown to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

The health of your smile shows in your appearance. When your teeth are healthy, you seem to have more confidence in your smile. There are many ways you can care for your oral health and help to prevent cavities, infections and other conditions causing you to lose your teeth. It is vital you do your part by brushing your teeth after each meal and flossing. This removes the stuck-on plaque so that it does not begin to cause decay in your teeth. With proper oral hygiene, you can go a long way towards keeping your teeth healthy. As a part of your regime to keep your teeth strong, it is also important that you see your family dentistry in North Kingstown office on a regular basis.
Did you know most dental experts now agree people should see their dentist even more often than two times a year? This is because they are finding that six months between dental visits can allow issues to go unchecked in the teeth. In six months time, the teeth can begin to decay, even if there were no obvious signs of cavities at the last dental exam. For those who have certain dental conditions or are prone to cavities, seeing the dentist four times a year can be greatly beneficial.
One of the main services your dentist can provide you with is one of the most important to the health of your teeth. Preventative care is extremely important for keeping your smile healthy. With regular cleanings, X-rays and examinations, you can avoid cavities and allow your family dentistry in North Kingstown dental office to find minor issues and promptly correct them before they turn into big problems later.
Common Conditions Found Through Dental Exams
* Cavities
* Infections of the teeth and gums
* Gum disease
* Tooth injuries
* Lesions
If you or your family are in need of immediate dental care, contact the office of Newport Family and Cosmetic Dentistry today. They care about the health of your teeth and can treat your entire family, offering a variety of services to improve your smile and keep it healthy.