Child Support Lawyers in Temecula Can Help a Parent Obtain the Money Their Child Needs

A child should be financially supported by both parents even if they no longer live together. Children should not have their needs forgotten or lessened because a parent doesn’t want to give money to support their child. Child support lawyers in Temecula can help a custodian obtain the child support necessary to raise a child in a comfortable environment that provides food, clothes, housing and medical care. Child support is based on the parent’s income and needs of a child. Extracurricular activities are not usually covered by child support unless negotiated by the parents.

In today’s mobile society, a paying parent can be transferred out of state or choose to move away. This can become a big problem for the custodial parent if they don’t know where they moved to. If a parent is ordered to pay child support and doesn’t, they can be found in contempt of court. Filing a claim for contempt requires an experienced family law attorney. Contempt of court is filed after all other avenues have been exhausted to obtain the payment. Child support orders can be enforced anywhere in the United States and a parent that willfully doesn’t pay their child support could be placed in jail.

If there’s a child support order issued in California and a parent moves away, another court cannot change or lower a child support order. The California court has the jurisdiction over the order and no other court can change it unless the current court relinquishes jurisdiction of the case. Individuals that have been paying child support without a court order should have their case evaluated by child support lawyers in Temecula. Military members often pay more money than is necessary. The military guidelines are usually different than what a state court will award. Speaking with an attorney could lower someone’s monthly payments significantly.

The law office of Michelle Penna has been representing family law clients successfully for many years. They have the experience and knowledge that is needed to obtain the best outcome possible. If you find yourself in a divorce, child custody or child support case, please visit the website and find out how they can help.

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