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Divorce is a stressful time for all parties involved. This is particularly true where there are instances of extreme child abuse. The FBI periodically does sting operations to catch perpetrators of child pornography. You may receive contact at home or at your place of employment by the FBI.

Representatives from the agency will notify you that your home has been monitored, and your spouse has been arrested for child pornography. Your home computers may be confiscated.

After you experience the emotional shock of your situation, you will want to understand your rights in a divorce and custody dispute. This will be a good time to contact Child Pornography Attorney Cedar Rapids IA.

Parental Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse is more common than rare in the United States of America. One or both parents are perpetrators of child abuse in the home 32% to 39% of the time. Child victims will experience psychological trauma, behavioral problems, and physical problems.


You may be contacted by your local Child Welfare caseworker if your children experience sexual abuse in the home. You will want to know your custody rights and the visitation rights of the offending spouse in such a case. This will be the appropriate time to contact a Child Pornography Attorney Cedar Rapids IA.

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