Chase Your Dream Job

The holidays just passed and you received what you always dreamed of. You finally got that promotion at work! All of those years of commitment the and dedication paid off. Right away, your mind is racing with thoughts. First thing you have to do is get home and tell your family the great news. They are going to want to hear the news right away. Then you must start planning how you are going to do this new job well. Your new job as an event coordinator is a job you want to do well. Pinterest will be a great help in picking out how you want your decor and other details to be. The biggest step in event planning is finding your venue. Where do you even begin? Most event planners want a venue that is both beautiful and serves good food.

Within the next few weeks, it is important to research venues in your area. It is an idea for you to visit the venues yourself, so you know all the details first hand. One of the first venues you visit is the La Fontaine Reception Hall. The venue is one of a kind compared to others. It also is a prime venue for Corporate Events in Katy TX. The Hall has stunning decor, great prices and excellent customer service. A deposit is required for locking in the event date at the venue. During the visit is a good time to gather information about prices with food. The reception hall offers a food tasting. A food tasting is where the chef will prepare a small sampling of their menu.

With an event date set the next step would be making a decision on who is your bridal party.charge of certain aspects. It is important to always have a master guest list. With the guest list, you can send out invites and keep track of who shows up to the event. Most reception halls will require the remaining balance due thirty days before the event date.

There is nothing that needs to be worried about at this point. The event day is one to be enjoyed with your co-workers and guests. The perfect venue was found for your corporate event and future Corporate Events in Katy TX.

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