Charter a Plane to or From San Diego & See How Privacy Makes a Difference

by | Sep 26, 2023 | Travel services

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Commercial flights have undergone quite a bit of scrutiny in the last couple of years. There have been multiple delays and cancellations innumerable. As a an airlines customer, the last thing you need is to be stuck somewhere and be late for your next flight or miss something at your destination. You should try a charter plane rental in San Diego, CA.

Fly into or out of San Diego

When you book a private charter plane rental in San Diego, CA, you can fly into that city or fly out of it. Whatever is most convenient for you based on your departing location at the time, the charter company can arrange it. If you can, book with a handful of other passengers to reduce the overall cost.

Private Jet Hire in San Diego, CA

Jets, with the exception of jumbo jets, are often smaller, lighter, and faster than planes. Scheduling a private jet hire in San Diego, CA is more ideal if your group isn’t that large or you want more of the aircraft space to yourself. The jets often take people on business flights or on private tours with as many stops as desired.

If you choose to use a private jet instead of a plane, you may also select from the upgraded onboard dining experiences. The flight attendant sees to everyone’s drink and meal needs with food that isn’t your standard airplane fare. If you would like to book a charter plane or private jet, contact Schubach Aviation today.