Charged with Drunk Driving? Hire a DWI Attorney in Nassau County, NY

Both an habitual drunk driver and first-time offender need to hire a DWI Attorney in Nassau County, NY when charged with a DWI offense. There’s no time for a the person to be embarrassed. If they refused a breathalyzer or blood alcohol test, they will be charged with another offense and face the immediate loss of their license. There is an appeal process for this, but they have to act quickly. Gregory. R. LaMarca P.C has defended many clients charged with the range of DWI infractions. He can act to minimize the charges and craft the strongest possible defense.

First-time DWI defendants often misjudge the severity of the charges. This is especially true when their was no accident, property damage or injured person. However, district attorneys everywhere are cracking down on drunk driving. The public is demanding that drunk drivers face stiffer penalties for simply driving drunk. A DWI charge is a felony that will remain on the person’s record forever. If they are ever convicted of a second or third DWI offense or another type of felony, they penalties will be severe. Therefore a DWI Attorney in Nassau County, NY first attempts to have the charges reduced to misdemeanors.

They also make sure that the police use proper procedures when determining which car to stop on the highway and when to administer field sobriety test. If the attorney can show that the police had no probably cause to stop the vehicle, then any evidence after that stop cannot be used in court. However, defendants have been known to jeopardize their own cases by bragging about this on Facebook or Twitter. Lawyers now have to remind their clients that they can be questioned at trial about comments they made on social media sites.

While a lawyer always tries to prove that their client is innocent, defendants are sometimes found guilty. In that event, the attorney will gather evidence to show why their client should not go to jail. He may argue that paying additional car insurance costs, attending mandatory responsible driving classes and paying a large fine are sufficient penalties.