Changing Taped Diapers For Newborns

Many parents choose taped diapers for newborns. Newborn babies have very loose stool that can leak out of their diapers easily. It is important to learn the proper way to change taped diapers for newborns in order to prevent any leaks.

Prepare a Fresh Diaper

When you take the new diaper from the package, it will be flattened. The first step is to spread the diaper out all the way and stand the gathers around the openings on the legs.

You will also want to have the wipes and diaper cream if necessary ready to use as well. Save time and energy by creating a changing station and keeping all of the necessary supplies together and ready for the next diaper change.

Lay Down Baby

Lay your baby down on his back on a safe surface or the floor. Make sure your baby is comfortable. If you use a changing pad, you will want to have a cover on it. Otherwise, you will want to lay down a towel or blanket under the baby. Be sure to use something you do not mind getting soiled.

Change the Diaper

Slide the clean diaper under the baby’s bottom before removing the dirty diaper. Release the tape, gently lift the baby’s legs to remove the dirty diaper, and clean the baby with the wipes. Cover the baby’s belly with the front of the clean diaper, stretch the sides, and secure with the tape. Run your finger around the leg openings to make sure that the standing gathers are standing.

When changing taped diapers for newborns, make sure that your baby feels safe and comfortable the entire time. Remember to talk to your baby the entire time in a soothing voice and make the process enjoyable for both of you.

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