Central Air Units vs. Window Units

When summer comes, and the temperature heats up, air conditioning is very important. When it comes to air conditioning, homeowners have two options. They can use window units, or they can have Central Air Units installed. While both will cool a home down, Central Air Units have several benefits over window models.

No Need for Installation and Removal

Window units can be a hassle when it comes to installation and removal. At the end of each summer, homeowners need to remove the unit before the cold weather moves in. When the weather heats up again, they would need to reinstall the units. The units are heavy and depending on the amount of units they have, it can be a time-consuming job. Central air units remain in place all year long. They are simply turned on and off when necessary.

Ability to Open Windows

Not every summer day is a hot one. Often times, the nights are cool enough to open a window and turn on a fan. This makes for a good night’s sleep and lets some fresh air into the home. Homeowners who use window units don’t always have this option. If a room has one window, it cannot be opened at all. If it has two units, they can still open a window. However, they will not get the cross breeze that they would had they been able to open both windows. Central air units do not need windows. Therefore you can open a window anytime you choose.

No Need to Keep Doors Closed

Homeowners who use window units often need to keep the doors in the home closed to keep the cool air confined to the room which holds the unit. This is not an issue with central air conditioning units. There are vents in every room which pump cool air out, which makes keeping doors closed unnecessary.

Thermostat Control

Most window units have a temperature control of high, medium, and low. Depending on the size of the room and the unit, it can be very difficult to get the perfect temperature in the home. Central air units work on a thermostat, allowing homeowners to achieve the perfect temperature all the time.

Homeowners considering switching from window units to central air units should contact an industry expert such as Poudre Valley Air. Their technicians can set up a system to keep them cool all summer long.