Causes of Basement Flooding in Richmond TX

Basements are the lowest part of a building and are prone to flooding. Flooding of basements can happen to anyone regardless of whether it has happened before or not. While this flooding mostly occurs during rainy seasons, it could also happen during the dry weather. Basement flooding can be a nightmare for any homeowner because it not only renders the basement unusable, but it could also ruin personal belongings and create serious health hazards. At this stage, it is important to understand the genesis of the flood, and how to stop the flooding.

The prime cause of basement flooding in Richmond TX is excess amounts of rain in short periods of time. Rain can overload basement waterproofing systems and push through foundation cracks up to the earth surface through a process called seepage. In these cases, the water table has raised, and if the home is old enough, then the materials used to build it allows water to enter the foundation floor or walls through cracks.

The second reason is when sewers are full. The pipe system is submerged, and the level of the water is likely to rise above the tube, and consequently, if the sewage level exceeds the basement, the sewage can flow towards the house. Wastewater enters the basement through the lowest fixtures like a shower drain, sink, or toilet.

Another cause of Basement Flooding in Richmond TX is sewer backups. Most urban homes have a drain that is slightly lower than the basement of the house, and if by any chance the sewer line has a blockage, the waterline rises above the basement floor, and the water comes rushing back into the house. A sump pump failure is another reason for basement flooding and it happens if they fail to pump out excess water mechanically. It is however imperative for homes that have frequent basement flooding to install backup sump pumps in case the primary pump fails.

Basement flooding is a serious health hazard, and in situations of flooding, individuals should avoid venturing into the basement until the water has been pumped out. Basement water can contain harmful bacteria. Additionally, all electrical appliances should be unplugged from the main power source to avoid electrocution cases. For more information schedule an appointment.