Categories of Water Damage That St. Clair, MI, Residents Should Be Aware of

Damage that is caused by hurricanes, flash floods, heavy storms, or leaky pipes can cause minimal or major damage. Mold or mildew can grow the longer building materials are exposed to water. Another water damage situation is when toilets overflow or the sewage system backs up. This can present serious health hazards.

One of the first things that a company that offers water damage restoration in St Clair, MI, will do is assess the damage. They will determine the category and class of water damage in order to determine the type of equipment that needs to be used to address the problem. Category one water damage involves clean water. It may come from a sanitary water source, but it will not pose a health risk.

Category two water damage involves gray water. This would include water that comes from the toilet bowl, water discharged from a washing machine or dishwasher, or a water from sump pump failure. Rainwater, despite the fact that it may be clean, is usually treated as category two because there is no way of knowing if contaminants are present.

A company that offers water damage restoration in St Clair, MI, will consider toxic or black water as category three. This is water that is grossly contaminated. It will contain harmful agents, including pathogens and toxins. This type of water comes from toilet back flows. It also includes seawater or water from streams and rivers that have flooded the home, perhaps because of a tropical storm or hurricane.

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