Carpet Cleaning in Chesapeake – Some Soapy Facts

Carpet cleaning doesn’t sound like the most interesting subject in the world, but there are some useful things carpet owners might want to know. Carpet cleaning in Chesapeake is more than just removing spots and germs, it’s a science. Just because a carpet doesn’t move around, creates oxygen or makes conversation, doesn’t mean that it’s not important. The following nuggets of information can really change the perspective on carpets. More specifically, carpet cleaning in Chesapeake can change the way carpet owners feel about them.

A chilling starter is that the Norwalk virus, better known as the virus that causes stomach flu, is able to survive on a dirty carpet for up to a month or even more. According to microbiologists the wind that gets blown from a running vacuum is one of the five highest sources of spreading germs. The other four are toilets, sponges, washing machines and trash cans. On an annual basis pounds of soil can get trapped underneath a carpet and the ever popular “5 second rule” is a myth thanks to germs that can instantly attach to food.

Now for some less scary facts, when a carpet is well maintained and cleaned on a regular basis it will improve the quality of air within the home. Club soda and salt are some of the best methods for removing tough and fresh stains like red wine. A neat little tip for removing wax from the carpet is by placing a brown paper bag over the wax. By ironing the paper bag the wax will stick to the bag instead of the carpet. In case of gum, try placing ice-cubes against it until it becomes hard and brittle. Now it can break and be scraped off.

Carpets are much more than just mere decoration and for this reason a decent carpet cleaning in Chesapeake every now and then is suggested. They are warm and comfortable, but neglecting carpet cleaning in Chesapeake can lead to unnecessary problems and even illness. Every carpet owner should take care of their furry underfoot friends; in return carpets will take care of them.

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