Caring For Residential Awnings In Nassau County

New technology in the design and construction of residential awnings in Nassau County and in and around Long Island has made caring for these additions to your home very easy. However, there are some things that any homeowner can do to extend the life of the awning and to keep it looking bright, new and in top working conditions year round.

A good idea is to keep the awning closed when it is not needed. This helps prevent dirt, moisture, bird droppings and insects from ending up on the top of the awning. However, many people use their residential awnings in Nassau County both for shade as well as to keep the interior of their home cool. If this is the case it is relatively easy to clean your awnings and keep them looking like new.

Removing Debris

If there are large branches, twigs or other large items on the awning you can remove them on your own if they are in easy reach. You should be careful not to drag anything sharp across the surface of the awning, lift it up to move it. Don’t try to hit the awning with a broom from the underside to bounce the debris off the fabric, this can cause addition damage and surface wear.

Removing Dust and Dirt

Dust and dirt, including dead insects, bird mess and leaves can easily be removed from the awning with a broom. You will need to position yourself on a stable ladder and simply gently and lightly sweep down the awning. If you have one of the new models of residential awnings in Nassau County you will most likely have a scraper-like lip on the roll-up mechanism that will do this every time you retract your awning.

If the dust or mess appears stuck to the fabric try using warm water with a very mild dish soap. Check with the manufacturer of your residential awnings in Nassau County to find out which type of soap or cleaning solution they recommend. Never use anything with bleach or any type of harsh chemical as this can damage the fabric and change the color.

When in doubt check with the company that sold you your residential awnings in Nassau County. In most cases the sales representative and the installers can answer any questions about care and cleaning that you may have.

Cleaning and care for your residential awnings in Nassau County is very low key using our technology. For more information on our awnings visit our website.



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