Caring For A Standard Gutter in Bellevue WA

When someone uses a standard gutter in Bellevue, WA on their home, they will need to take the time to do maintenance, so it continues to work properly. Failing to clean out and repair a gutter system can lead to a variety of problems to a home. The water would no longer be directed away from the home, possibly causing damage to the foundation. The siding could also become saturated, leading to mold or wood rot. If the gutters are not cleaned, water may push up under shingles on the roof, leading to leaking into the home. Here are some steps one should take to keep their gutter working year round.

It is best to remove debris every month or two, so it does not accumulate. If there is a large storm, the gutters should be checked for miscellaneous branches, leaves, and dirt so the excess runoff will flow away from the home. To remove debris, bring a bucket up to the gutter and wear hands to scoop out the material directly into the bucket. It can then be disposed of in a wooded area.

If there is a crack in a gutter, it will need to be repaired, so water does not seep out of the hole. Caulk can be used to seal up the ripped portion. If there is a large hole, a piece of flashing can be glued into the gutter to patch it. Very large rips will require a new gutter be placed in the area. If the gutter is pulling away from the siding on the home, new brackets can be placed so the gutter will be situated properly to do its job. Adding brackets is an easy job that can be done by the homeowner with a screwdriver and screws.

If someone wishes to have a new standard gutter in Bellevue, WA placed on their home to replace a broken system, they can call a reliable gutter repair specialist in the area. Take a look at a website like  to have this work done professionally and promptly at a competitive rate.

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