Career Options after completing your bachelor’s in hospitality degree

In today’s world one academic stream may open up various doors to a variety of career paths in a single sector. Bachelors in Hospitality is one such choice.

It leads a student to options such as catering services, managing events, hotels to business development and marketing; a Bachelor’s in Hospitality is a lucrative skill that opens a wide array of leveraging opportunities in the hospitality sector.

Career to embark upon after Bachelor in Hospitality:

● Managers: Lots of hospitality graduates prefer working for a recognized hotel/restaurant for better exposure. After a few years of working, they are appointed as managers with handsome in-hand salaries.
● Catering Management: This is a unique type of role where a catering manager leads a group of chefs, caterers and manages them accordingly with catering tasks.
● Cruise Hotel Management: This is for the ones who love to travel on a cruise and enjoy managing the staff, overseeing daily sail operations, and interacting with guests.
● Tourism and Hotel Industry: A tourism manager is concerned with all the tourism requirements of the guests from managing staff members to maintaining standards.
● Forest Lodging Services: A Forest lodging officer is responsible for all the overall cleanliness of the lodge and takes care of the guest’s needs.

Designations offered to the hospitality graduates:

1. Guest Service Agent/Receptionist
2. Travel agent tour operators
3. Event Organiser
4. Restaurant or bar manager
5. Hotel Manager
6. Marketing and Public Relations
7. Casino host
8. Sous chef
9. Spa Director
10. Catering Assistant

Hotel Management is a promising field and is day by day approaching its year of growth after the recession of 2008. This has led to great job opportunities for the ones who did their Bachelor’s in Hospitality from esteemed institutions.
In an era of mainstream courses, be the one who loves to explore something unique and worthy of one’s time and talent.

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