Cardiac Imaging Outpatient Clinic VS Hospital Setting in Oakbrook

Cardiac Imaging Outpatient Clinic VS Hospital Setting

Nuclear cardiology belongs to a group of advanced diagnostic techniques used in medicine. Moreover, it can mean the difference between a positive prognosis and adverse outcomes.

Since the COVID pandemic began, many patients have changed their feelings about hospitals. As such, they are less willing to go to the imaging is required. As the risk of viral spread is higher in hospitals, many patients prefer to avoid them.

However, it’s important not to let COVID-19 eclipse the benefits of nuclear cardiology. Along the same lines, no virus or bacteria should limit imaging access for patients.

Imaging Technology Made Accessible

Onsite nuclear imaging technologies, such as PET and CT scans, are incredibly beneficial. These benefit both your practice as well as patient wellbeing.

Furthermore, mobile PET clinics give physicians easy access to nuclear cardiology exams. They can access them in a single, centralized location too, and there’s no waiting room either.

Mobile nuclear cardiology offers the same diagnostic prowess as in-hospital exams without risk. In addition, patients don’t share the same hesitation they do when visiting hospitals.

Another option would be to install a fixed-site PET imaging clinic, widening accessibility. Compared to traditional stress tests, these are much faster, enhancing clinical efficacy.

Physicians can expect to receive training on diagnostic use, and support is available. Further, the certification process is straightforward, meaning clinicians can train staff easily.

Safe Onsite Nuclear Imaging

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