Carbide Wear Parts – Uses and Examples

Carbide is a binary compound of carbon along with an element of lower or comparable properties. Tungsten carbide is a compound of carbon and the metal tungsten. Tungsten carbide is one of the most expensive forms of carbide as tungsten is one of the most expensive metals due to its heavy duty, durable properties.

Carbide wear parts are generally those parts that are made up of tungsten carbide. They are called wear parts because they are strong against heavy wear, corrosion and other common defects.

Carbide Wear Parts in the Oil and Gas Industry
Many manufacturers of carbide parts specialize in carbide wear parts for a variety of industries including the oil and gas industry. These strong and durable parts are best used in equipment for oil and gas drilling, pumping and general exploring. The parts are durable and resistant to many common defaults; therefore, ensuring less downtime when in use.

Tungsten Carbide Wear Parts
Most wear parts are made from tungsten, which is one of the most durable, heavy duty metals available. Tungsten carbide wear parts are used in large equipment and machinery. For instance, large cranes or drills have carbide wear parts serving as the teeth of the equipment. The durability of the product can tear into the earth’s surface and breakdown rock and hard impacted dirt to get the drilling job done.

Examples of Carbide Wear Parts
Wear parts can be found in a number of equipment and machinery for numerous industries. Besides oil and gas, these wear parts can also be found in wastewater treatment and rendering applications.

Examples of wear parts include tiles, plates, centrifuge wear parts, and more. Most engineering companies can provide custom wear parts to fit the precise measurements and needs of the vendor. Sample parts are often available for vendor use to determine if it is the right part for the job.

If your company is looking for strong, durable, carbide parts, check your area chamber of commerce business directory and online directories for a list of reputable engineering facilities. When it comes to wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and just plain durability, look for carbide wear parts.

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