Carbide Hardfacing – Preserving Your Investment

Hard resurfacing using carbide, or otherwise called carbide hardfacing is process whereby carbide is applied to metal surfaces in order to restore or increase their wear and abrasion resistance. Through this process which involves welding the material onto the surface, the useful life of machine parts which routinely encounter abrasive action can be prolonged. The surface of the tool or machine component is reshaped, resurfaced and restored to a state of efficient and effective functioning.

Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing
The best wear resistance is not always provided by high deposit hardness material. For wear resistance purposes, carbide is an effective material used to harden the metal surfaces of equipment. In fact tungsten carbide, when compared to hardfacing with a chromium carbide can experience a 300 to 500 percent increase in performance.

Prolonging the Life of Equipment
The service life of machinery, especially in such industries as oil & gas, mining and construction, is very important. These industries use equipment that is subjected to impacts and scrapes on a continual basis. After a while the surface of equipment and parts such as loaders, milling attachments, drill pipe, excavators, bulldozer blades, swing hammers, trencher teeth, graders and many more can lose their wear resistance. This is where the process of hardfacing becomes quite valuable to these industries.

Mesh Size
The size of the mesh of tungsten carbide particles applied to the surface has an impact on the amount of abrasion resistance offered by the component’s surface. Larger mesh sizes of tungsten carbide produce a higher abrasion resistance, but lower impact strength. Smaller mesh size offer the reverse; higher impact strength and a lower abrasion resistance.

Protecting the Investment
Manufacturing companies invest a large sum of money into equipment and the processes that produce their products. The machines that do this important work must be protected properly in order to prolong the useful life of the investment – otherwise premature losses can occur which can affect the company’s profitability. Properly implemented carbide hardfacing to key equipment parts can protect this equipment by extending its service life and preserving the productivity of your operations.

Consider carbide hardfacing your equipment to preserve your company’s investment.

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