Capturing Collective Moments

Event photography is one of the most effective and enjoyable ways to document private and corporate milestone celebrations. Photos by a professional are focused, elegant and ideal at fusing the photographer’s unique vision and expertise with the event’s many nuances. Portraits by Spencer is your source of event photography Washington DC, supplying polished, dynamic photographic essays of your public engagements.

Worth More Than a Thousand Words

Photography is arguably the most valuable and “easily traded” form of social currency we have. Sleek, polished, mature event photography serves as a collective keepsake for guests and interested parties while doubling as a historical document for future reference and enjoyment.

Photography, like strong currency, is also easily exchanged over a wide array of platforms. Use your event photography Washington DC on social media, promotional material, as art to decorate your home/office or to use for giveaways.

Endless Possibilities: Staging Photos

If an event photograph is a worth thousand words, there are a thousand different ways to take event photographs. Here at Portraits by Spencer, we work with you to devise strategies that highlight important details you want your event’s photographs to showcase, including aspects of your brand, guest list, event decor, event theme and individuals.

We strive for a mixture of classic and atypical storytelling through the photos we take and publish. For events, we can highlight attendees, honored guests and keynote speakers. We can also achieve more of a panoramic approach that focuses wholly on your guests list with special photos taken of your family, best friends and inner circle.

There are thousands of ways to spin, and we love helping you record your big event in a way that spotlights your excellence. We combine ahead-of-trend tech with consummate professionalism and experience to photograph your event like a studded, red carpet affair. For event photography Washington DC, give us a call today.

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