Canker Sores and Your General Dentistry in Highlands Ranch

Although mouth sores are very common in reality, many do not know precisely what their origin is. Dental specialists have not yet been able to determine exactly why these small ulcers appear in the mouth, but through cons, they know these sores affect 20% of the world’s population. They are embarrassing and painful, especially when speaking or eating. There are of two types: simple and complex. The first type appears from time to time among people between 10 and 20 years and it lasts about a week. The complex type is less common, occurring in people who have already had it before. To learn more, continue reading or contact your local General Dentistry in Highlands Ranch.

The advantage of these ulcers is that they almost always disappear spontaneously. The pain can be insistent, but it is important not to touch them, even with the teeth. After seven to ten days, they will be nothing but a bad memory! Get to a general dentistry in Highlands Ranch may be hard at times, so here are a few things you can do at home to protect yourself.

  • Hydrogen peroxide is an infallible remedy to cure canker sores. Take a cotton ball or gauze and soak it in hydrogen peroxide. Apply it directly to the lesions three times daily. This will serve to relieve pain and prevent future infections.
  • Antiseptic wash is one of the less natural remedies but it can be quite useful to relieve pain and provide immediate relief while avoiding the spread of bacteria. But do not use too much of antiseptic because it could irritate your mouth.
  • An ice cube can cure canker sores gradually while simultaneously reducing inflammation and relieving pain. It acts as a sedative. Place an ice cube on the wound as many times as you feel necessary during the day.
  • Yogurt: thanks to the acidity of the milk and bacteria in it, this option will allow you to change the pH of the mouth while avoiding the emergence of new bacteria.

Lastly, when you brush your teeth, be careful to not touch the wound. Similarly, do not hurt yourself by eating “sharp” foods like bread crust, crackers, etc. Avoid acidic or spicy foods, and do not forget to floss after every meal so you always have a healthy and clean mouth! Contact your general dentistry in Highlands Ranch if you have further concerns.

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