Can RF Ablasion in Edmond Really Make a Difference?

Living with pain in the back affects just about every aspect of the day. There is no way to find a comfortable position, only those that tend to hurt a little less. Many sufferers have found that they obtain relief with the aid of radiofrequency (RF) ablation. Here are some things that everyone should know about Rf Ablasion in Edmond and what it can do.

The Basic Process

Rf Ablasion in Edmond is a technique used to help relax the muscles of the back ane help alleviate tension that causes pain. While the process is invasive, it is not considered to be major surgery. Mild sedation and an anesthetic are needed, but the procedure can be done on an outpatient basis. The point of the ablation is to expose the back to heat that helps to ease the pain by reducing the amount of discomfort transmitted by the nerves.

The Pain Decreases

In a short time, the patient will notice a number of different benefits from undergoing RF Ablasion in Edmond. One of the most important is seeing the pain begin to subside. As the healing takes place, the patient will notice that more positions are actually comfortable rather than just bearable. That one benefit alone can increase the overall quality of life by a significant degree.

Improved Range of Motion and Mobility

Prior to the procedure, getting around was difficult. Even with the aid of cane or walker, walking across the room was an almost impossible task. After the ablation, the patient will find that it is easier to stand and walk normally. While some fatigue is still present, the fact that the patient can move about without having to deal with stabbing bursts of pain will make the day a lot better.

Lower Dependence on Pain Killers

While there are plenty of medications to help with pain management, not everyone is comfortable using them. This is especially true for drugs with a known risk factor for addiction. Undergoing an ablation helps to reduce the need to take pain medication and minimizes the chances of becoming addicted.

For those who think ablation may be an option for them, visit and check out some of the resources offered. Call for an exam and see what a professional has to say. Undergoing an ablation may be just what the patient needs to begin enjoying life again.

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